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    June 2011- Version 5.0

    The 3DChat’s game client and servers are currently undergoing a major development update. Our staff is working around the clock to get everything ready for you to enjoy. The new version 5 will be our biggest and most advanced update in the past 16 months!

    Tons of new features are being added to make the game easier to use, perform better and most importantly… more enjoyable to play and interact with others!

    New Features include, but are not limited to:

    • Complete Interface Revamp: All new graphics and functionality for increases the games ease of use
    • Streamlined Learning Process: All new tutorials and instructional section to help explore all 3Dchat has to offer
    • Gameplay Enhancements: Memory optimization to speed up the game's performance.
    • New Items and More customization: Quickly change your hair to any color in the hair salon, (and coming soon to most other more 3DChat art assets like clothing, furniture, and more
    • Easier Updates: New automated update mechanism to make installing updates faster;. • Other Features and Improvements: Too many to list, but rest assured there will be many more exciting improvements and additions for you to enjoy starting with Release 5 and continuing in the weeks to come.

    Our full feature update will be announced the start of June! Stay tuned!

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    Absolutly AWESOME!!

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    on attend sa avec impatience,

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